How do you know if there are wolves in the basement?

Looking into the old cistern (future wine cellar?) in the Manse's basement. No wolves in sight, you'll notice – a sure sign that there are wolves.

The basement at the Manse is a little … unfinished. Though more finished than when we lived there; there’s a cement pad covering part of what used to be just a dirt floor. The stairs down to it are the same – more like a ladder than a stairway. Still, it seems reasonably dry, and with a bit of cleanup won’t be that bad. A cool (as in temperature-wise) place to store the root vegetables, which is what we always did. There’s an old cistern (which I gather was something once used to catch and store rainwater; not a bad idea, though I haven’t quite got my head around how that worked) that we could maybe make into a wine cellar. (Methodist ghosts spinning in graves again.)

When we were little kids, Dad used to tell us (serious look, twinkle in eye) that there were most definitely wolves in the basement. How did you know? Because when you went down there, you couldn’t see them; they’d eaten each other.

Still makes me laugh.

5 thoughts on “How do you know if there are wolves in the basement?

  1. Reminds me of the time Uncle Wendell saw a couple of us coming back from the river in the pouring rain and remarked that we’d have to duck under the water to keep dry.

    And the fact that you can’t see them is a sure sign that they’re there no doubt explains the dragons in our crawlspace.

  2. I like Valerie’s square better than mine. I want Valerie’s square. Valerie’s square is prettier. How come Valerie got the good square? Huh?

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