Everything’s coming up turquoise.

Me (looking goofy – or maybe just hopeful?) with the freshly revealed turquoise kitchen wall.

Faithful readers will recall that when my brother John pulled a piece of the 1970s wood panelling off the Manse’s kitchen wall, he revealed the colour that the original plaster was painted in 1964, when my family moved in. It was a greenish-turquoise; the name of a close-match paint chip that I found at the Rashotte Home Building Centre in Tweed is “Sea Inspired.” And speaking of inspired, I think I have become inspired by the colour turquoise.

Apparently I’m not alone, because now that I’m thinking about turquoise I’m suddenly seeing it everywhere. I believe turquoise is coming back into its own.

Turquoise and white kitchen, courtesy of a blog I like (for obvious reasons), House of Turquoise (houseofturquoise.com).

The appeal to me of using it in the Manse kitchen is twofold: one, it will give it the retro look of the Mad Men days when we first lived there; and two, turquoise and white are a beautiful, bright, fresh combination. Seasideish and breezy. It seems to work best in rooms that have a lot of sunlight; in darker rooms, I think turquoise would be gloomy. But one thing everyone who walks into the Manse says is, “This house is so bright!” And it is. I think that with glossy white wainscotting and a bright white tin ceiling, those turquoise plaster walls in the kitchen are going to be stunning.

But back to turquoise being everywhere I look. Our great friend Susan Stevenson told us the other day about a downtown Montreal store that sells Aga stoves (it’s Grange at Union and President Kennedy, for those in or near Montreal; Almar on Décarie also sells them). A couple of days later I was passing by it on my way to a meeting. No time to go in, but I could see the Aga section through the display windows. Guess what colour the first one I spotted was.

The Aga cooker, in “pistachio.” I would like to have that cooker.

Grange sells furniture and many other home-decor items, and another thing that caught my eye was a modern chandelier, black metal hardware and maybe 20 or 25 individual lamps, each with its own shade – in, of course, turquoise. Now that would look cool over the kitchen table!

10 thoughts on “Everything’s coming up turquoise.

    • We’ll let Kath explain that one. She may also tweak the spelling. I’m not sure anyone has ever actually penned up the word; usually it’s only verbalized. With feeling!
      P.S. I stand by my ‘groque!’ But the colour on the walls in that kitchen picture you posted is way better than the everyman’s turquoise.

    • “Groque!” (or “Grock!” as I would probably spell it) was my dad Wendell’s own special way of succinctly expressing the fact that he didn’t much care for something. Like the Irish soda bread my mother Lorna once – and only once – essayed. It was said tongue in cheek, mind you.

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