If you’re a kayaker, Queensborough is the place

Kayaking through the rapids on the Black River. Photo from the Marmora Area Canoe and Kayak Festival, mackfest.ca.

The last thrill in the Black River kayak run, going over the dam in Queensborough. Photo, mackfest.ca.

I am not a kayaker, nor do I ever expect to be. But I think it is a highly worthwhile pursuit, and I am tickled to learn (thanks once again to my friend Elaine Kapusta) that Queensborough is something of a destination for kayakers. The Black River (a tributary of the Moira River) winds right through the village, and in spring when the water is high, kayakers take to the river and end up there, their last thrill being to go over the dam by the Thompson mill. (That’s Elaine’s family’s place.) On weekends through the season, community-minded folks gather at water’s edge and serve up hot dogs, hamburgers and – of course – homemade pie to the kayakers, a fundraiser for the Queensborough Community Centre. I imagine that if you’d spent a few hours paddling through cold water and fast rapids on a day in March or April, a warm hot dog and a piece of pie would be just about the best thing ever.

Come to think if it, it could be just about the best thing ever even if you hadn’t spent several hours paddling …

Kayakers swarm to Queensborough when the water is high in the springtime. The large building in the background is the former McMurray’s general store. Photo courtesy of Elaine Kapusta

What’s special about this coming weekend is that on Saturday, Whitewater Ontario is unveiling a plaque in the village to thank the Queensborough community for the hospitality to whitewater paddlers. Now is that nice or what?

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