A fire in the village, like a death in the family

A beautiful house in Queensborough, and you've seen this photo on this blog before. Last night, the unthinkable: it burned to the ground. Photo by Elaine Kapusta.

Absolutely shocking news today: one of the most beautiful old houses in Queensborough, the one I call the Green house for Jessie Green, the woman who lived there when we did, burned to the ground last night. Elaine Kapusta sent the word this morning: “It is a very sad day in Queensborough; this heritage house burnt down last night.”

It was just two days ago that I posted a photo of that house here (not for the first time), because I was writing about the question of shutters on old houses (which the Green house had). And now it’s gone, so suddenly, out of the blue.

One of my nephews, Daniel Wisnicki, is an engineering student at Carleton University in Ottawa, and often passes through Queensborough on his way between Ottawa and his family’s (my sister Melanie’s) home in Port Hope. He’s taken quite a shine to the place, which is great. He went through today, and was stunned to see this house a smouldering ruin; he phoned to let me know the awful news. He too had thought it was a beautiful house, and he was so upset and sad.

We Queensborough people are all sad today.

4 thoughts on “A fire in the village, like a death in the family

  1. Such a tragedy to lose such a beautiful home, an asset to the village.
    I am shocked and sad as I felt I almost knew it from reading about it and its shutters on your blog so very recently. Condolences.

    • I won’t deny that it made my stomach flop when I heard the news, Brian, thinking about our own house. But as you may have seen from my subsequent post, we have a simple but pretty up-to-date wiring system at the Manse, and when Fred Littleton, the inspector from our insurance company and an electrician himself, went through the place, he seemed quite satisfied. And there are smoke detectors everywhere in the house. Hey, the house survived various chimney fires and dodgy stovepipes when we lived there, so now that that old not-up-to-Fire-Code setup is long gone I think we’ll probably be just fine.

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