Euchre parties, an old-fashioned thing. And lone hands


I have been spending the past couple of days with colleagues at The Gazette, discussing important professional things but also, in interesting dinnertime conversations, all manner of other stuff. This evening I got into conversation with my friend and colleague Pam
about, of all things, euchre parties. Those were a big deal back in the day in Queensborough, and a real community activity – except for my family, which didn’t play cards. And because of that card ineptitude, I always found the writeups about the Queensborough euchre parties in the late lamented Madoc Review newspaper absolutely fascinating – especially when there were reports of a “lone hand.” What on earth was a “lone hand,” I wondered then and have wondered now, until this very day. Pam explained that a lone hand is when a player feels he/she has cards strong enough to play a hand alone, without his/her partner, and does so, and wins all five tricks. Kind of cool how the questions you had a long, long time ago (“What the heck is a lone hand?”) get answered when you least expect it, many decades later. Life is funny and interesting and oddly satisfying that way. Thanks, Pam!

6 thoughts on “Euchre parties, an old-fashioned thing. And lone hands

  1. You are welcome! I enjoyed all of our dinner time chat. It’s also pretty cool when you are able to share a (relatively obscure) family experience with someone who can appreciate it for an unexpected reason…

  2. Just the mention of the word “cards” and the Brassard family is interested, Katherine. Please find out how to play “euchre” before you come down to Maine this summer. My guess is that we will love to play. If not, well then, I guess it’s just cribbage for Raymond and us…

    • I was just stunned that you weren’t familiar with euchre, Jeannie! Given the ubiquity of euchre parties in my rural-Ontario childhood, I always assumed that anyone who played cards would be intimately familiar with euchre. But Pam tells me that she thinks it may be something of a regional thing, far more common in, say, Ontario (or maybe eastern Ontario) than elsewhere. I did a highly unscientific poll at work today and found that about half the people there were familiar with it (or had at least heard of it) and half hadn’t. Anyway, the good news is that Pam has very kindly offered to induct me into the mysteries of euchre before our Goose Rocks Beach stay, so we’ll be all set! (As long as I can remember the rules long enough to get down to Maine.)

    • I’m counting on you, Katherine. Bob has never heard of it, either. Something to look forward to in Maine…

      • And we are SO looking forward to our time in Maine. Most relaxing time of the year. Pam has promised to teach me to play, so all I have to do is remember the rules long enough to bring them to the family in Maine. No pressure….

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