Fowl sightings in central Hastings

The wild turkeys before they got through the fence …

… and after, scampering off into the distance. (Photos by Raymond Brassard)

Raymond took these photos of wild turkeys on our last visit to the Manse, when we were driving in to Madoc from Queensborough one morning. I had never seen a cluster of wild turkeys before, so I was quite excited. They all started out on one side of the fence (the road side) but very soon they’d all got through or over the fence and were scampering away into the farm field – except for one poor chap who was having a hard time figuring out how to get to the other side. We watched him flail about for a while (it was pretty funny) but then had to be on our way, hoping one of his buddies would come back and help him out. No turkeys to be seen on our return trip, so presumably he got reconnected with his gang.

I’d kind of forgotten about the turkey incident until one recent day when I was carrying on a phone call with my Aunt Marion, the retired nurse, nursing instructor, and missionary to Papua New Guinea (I wrote about that here) – and a woman who truly has a way with a turn of phrase. She was telling me about wild turkeys up in her neck of the woods (Sedgwick Central, at Gelert, in Haliburton County) and how, because it was mating season, the males were – and if you know my Aunt Marion you will appreciate the tone and volume at which this quote was delivered – “ALL DECKED OUT LIKE SIR WALTER RALEIGH AT THE ROYAL COURT!!!”

You couldn’t make Marion Sedgwick, or her quotable quotes, up.

Anyway, on to one more memorable fowl sighting in the central Hastings area: the Drain Poultry Farm’s Chicken Coop store just north of Tweed on Highway 37. The store is great, selling farm-fresh eggs picked that day (as well as lots of other local products), and we stopped in to buy a dozen. I have to say you cannot miss the place, what with the giant chicken out front. It makes me smile every time we pass by, and this time I just had to get a picture.

There’s no missing this chicken: the giant hen who shows the way into the Drain Poultry Farm’s Chicken Coop store just outside Tweed.

Now that is a memorable fowl.

2 thoughts on “Fowl sightings in central Hastings

  1. Wow, I can’t believe I found this blog through a search for Marion. I have lost touch with your Aunt Marion and would love to reconnect with her. She was the minister in our tiny community of Grand Bruit for a time and stayed with me when she visited the community. Could you please pass on my email address/mailing address to her? She can find me at 1/8 Chewings Street, Eastside, Northern Territory, Australia 0870. We used to correspond every Christmas but with my many moves, I have lost her address. I visited her once in Haliburton County many years ago. Thanks so much!

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