I believe I have found a kitchen table for the Manse


Mum and I took a drive through the rolling hills of Northumberland County today, a beautiful sunny late-spring/early-summer day (the hay has already been cut and baled on many farms) that made the countryside and towns and villages look their best. We travelled along old Highway 2 from Port Hope to Brighton, then north to the village of Warkworth, home to a number of very nice shops. At one called Camp Ho-Ba-Chee, selling great vintage stuff, I found this art-deco-style table and chairs. Had to ship some photos off to Raymond to see if he liked it, which he did, but by the time his signoff came we were well beyond Warkworth on our way back to Port Hope along the north shore of Rice Lake. (Beautiful, pastoral countryside hereabouts; have I mentioned that? Right, yes, I guess I have.) Anyway, I’ve already left a message with the nice people at Camp Ho-Ba-Chee and I hope to take ownership of the table and chairs tomorrow.

Oh, and today at a yard sale I found a pair of funky old bedside lamps. Turquoise.


5 thoughts on “I believe I have found a kitchen table for the Manse

  1. And then we will need to see pictures of the funky old bedside lamps. Eloise and I are spending the day together on Saturday, going to yard sales and a flea market in Londonderry, NH. I cannot wait…I am SOOOOO excited. That’s my kind of day!

    • Need a full and complete report on that, Jeannie. I think I have caught the yard-sale bug from you! I will take photos of the turquoise lamps this coming weekend. I am quite tickled with that find: $5 for the pair!

      • Will do, Katherine! I’m always thrilled to share any of my great finds when I go yard sale-ing! You best believe, also, that Bob and I will be at the flea markets the first Sunday we are in Maine (barring any rain).

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