Music to drive and reminisce by


I drove from Montreal to Port Hope, Ont., tonight, and having forgotten to bring any music along to while away the weary miles, resorted to the scan button on the car radio. Quite the trip down memory lane it was, with lots of songs that I remember listening to on the transistor radio my mum had in the pantry at the Manse. Our radio station in those days was CJBQ, Belleville and TRENTOOOONNN (as their jingle brightly announced), 800 on your AM dial. Tonight’s snippet of My Eyes Adored You, by Frankie Valli, took me right back to those days. And then there was Crazy Talk (Chilliwack), Drift Away (Dobie Gray), Feeling’ Stronger Every Day (Chicago), No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature (The Guess Who), Changes (Bowie), not one but two tracks from Who’s Next (Won’t Get Fooled Again and Baba O’Riley) – the only things missing were a John Denver track or two, Gordon Lightfoot doing Sundown, and Barry Manilow over-emoting on Mandy. Oh yes, there was also the icing on the cake: Don McLean’s American Pie. Do you remember how when it was released as a single you had to play both sides to hear the full song? I discovered tonight that you can cover quite a bit of the breadth of southern Hastings County on the 401 between the opening notes and the final chorus of that one. Come to think of it, the opening words of that song pretty much summed up my evening: “Long, long time ago/I can still remember how/That music used to make me smile…”

2 thoughts on “Music to drive and reminisce by

  1. There’s not much in life more nostalgic than old tunes! American Pie was a family favorite for us (I can still sing every word!) but my parents had the whole album so I didn’t have the interruption experience that you described on the single. Other great numbers on that one were Vincent and Empty Chairs. Listening on the radio is a such a different experience. I can remember drives to my dad’s family cottage at Grand Beach in the Chevy Impala that I mentioned in my last reply and hoping/waiting for Uncle Albert by Wings to come on. It always did eventually, and we would all belt out “haaaaands across the water, water…”. Wondering when/if the radio announcer would play it for us was always part of the voyage for us. Have a great weekend!

    • It’s amazing how hearing a song from your past can flood you with so many other memories from that era, aside from the song itself. Like the way you will always link Uncle Albert to drives to the cottage and that Chevy Impala! Speaking of Wings, I can’t hear anything from Band on the Run without being in my mind back eating lunch in the cafeteria at Centre Hastings Secondary School, where for better or worse we had a jukebox and I’m sure the jukebox-maintenance people must have had to replace the singles of the title song, Jet, and Let Me Roll It multiple times because they were played constantly. As was, unfortunately, Radar Love…

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