Eavestroughs: check.

On either side of the peak at the front of the roof, you can see the newly installed  ice guards  that will keep snow and ice from getting into the eavestroughs and causing problems.

Okay, it’s not the most exciting work in the world, but it needed to be done. The eavestroughs at the Manse needed some fixing: at the rear of the house, ice buildup had displaced them (resulting in ice and water dripping down and accumulating in a spot right beside the foundation – not good), and on the second storey at the front of the house the troughs were old and too small, so that they overflowed with water and ice – the result being the icicles that you see in the photo at the very top of each blog post. Pretty, those icicles, but a bad sign; they mean that water is building up where water should not be. (Did you know that water is a building’s worst enemy? True fact.)

Our eavestough-repair company – a local company called Ahola Exteriors – has cut and refitted the troughs in the back of the house, replaced the old, small troughs at the front, secured the downspouts to the brick, and installed ice guards on the metal roof to prevent masses of snow and ice from landing on and weighing down the eavestroughs.

They did the work one recent day while we were ensconced in Montreal. No muss, no fuss (though we had to wait for them for a bit, because they are very busy), and when I passed through Queensborough this past Sunday, the work looked A-1.

So no, not a very sexy project, but an important one. And the cost was very reasonable. And we feel like we’ve got something accomplished. Which we have!

5 thoughts on “Eavestroughs: check.

  1. From what I have read over these months, Katherine, you’ve gotten a lot accomplished at the Manse so far. I am so looking forward to seeing it some day. Not for a while though….after all, I’m at Goose Rocks Beach for a month this summer!!

    • It will be so nice to be able to show the place to the Brassard side of the family, Jeannie! I’m excited about that. Though you will have to prepare yourself for a house that is very, very rustic inside. But hey, you’ve seen the photos, so you know!

  2. I really enjoy following your Manse journey…love being part of the daily ‘conversation’ around trees, wallpaper, eavestroughs, childhood memories …and turquoise anything!

    • Thank you so much, Lindi. It is such a delight to have readers who follow and comment on our adventures, and frequently offer helpful advice (and/or historic photos)! When things look daunting (as they sometimes do), it makes us feel ever so much cheerier.

      • Rome wasn’t built in a day, Katherine…just remember that!

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