That tree is very much alive. And dancing.

When Raymond took this photo in the early spring, he named this sorry-looking maple tree – or what was left of it, ingrown clothesline hook (see lower right) and all – The Tree of Death.

When we visited the Manse in April, we were feeling a bit discouraged about our tree situation. While the evergreens on the front lawn were fine, the deciduous (now that’s a word dredged up from a Grade 4 or 5 science class) trees looked distinctly unpromising. Probably the most hopeless-looking case was a big old maple along the back fence. It looked quite the wreck, like it had been struck by lightning (or disease) more than once. When Raymond took a photo of it back then he christened it “The Tree of Death.”

Well, that tree showed us.

The same tree last weekend. Just look at it! That is one not-dead maple tree.

I love how the old tree looks in this photo, which I took on a beautiful day last weekend. It makes me think of an old lady, dressed up and dancing, not caring what anyone thinks if she makes a spectacle of herself.

She’s seen it all, and she still enjoys life. And intends to live it just as long as she can.

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