If you visit the Manse, do NOT step on this

This is the cover over the old well. When we Sedgwicks lived here in the 1960s and early 1970s, we used that well, but the water was not potable. (Much carrying of buckets of drinking water from the village water pump ensued.) A few years after we moved, a new well was drilled, and now the water is fine. Happy ending. But meanwhile this bit of the past is still with us off to the south side of the property. There is a cement base, which is fine, but the actual cover over the well is wood, and it is not in great shape. If ever you visit the Manse, do not, under any circumstances, step on it! At least until we get something secure placed on top of it. We were thinking of trying to get a big flat heavy piece of some local stone; barring that, we’ll screw a metal plate into the cement. Part of tomorrow’s busy agenda at the Manse is to start looking for a proper cover. Safety first!


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