A completely excellent surprise


I woke up early this morning to a beautiful sunny day at the Manse. (Actually, the first time I woke up it was before it was a sunny day; it was the break of dawn, and there was a rooster crowing. Repeatedly. Just like in the movies. Or the cartoons.
Or something. Anyway, I digress. Fortunately I fell back to sleep and didn’t wake again and get up until 8ish. Yes, people who know me, I know: the idea of Katherine getting up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday is inconceivable. But you’d better start conceiving it, because at the Manse, it happens.)

So anyway, at 8ish on this beautiful morning, my husband, the early riser, hands me a mug of coffee and says, “Come outside. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Who doesn’t love surprises? But this was close to being the best ever: Raymond led me around the south side of the house and there was: a clothesline! Fully functioning! With a brand-new pole installed (in concrete, for stability).

This wonderful addition to the Manse comes thanks to our great friend, neighbour and Manse overseer, Ed Couperus. We had briefly discussed with Ed the problem of the old clothesline not functioning (because of the pole it was attached to being old and rotten, and a big branch from a neighbour’s tree overhanging it and preventing it from rolling). Ed had said he could install a new pole and fix everything up, but the supremely talented Ed is very much in demand for home renovation and restoration projects, and we didn’t expect he’d be able to do it anytime soon.

But sometime since my brief passing-through visit to the Manse only last Sunday, Ed has somehow found time to erect a fantastic and sturdy clothesline. Which you can see Raymond posing with in the photo I took this morning.

I might even try to do a wash and hang it out thus weekend, if the weather holds. (Note to self: buy clothespins.)

We went round to Ed’s place this evening to thank him and demand that he hand over a bill, but he and his wife were out. So Ed, if you’re reading this later: thank you! You have made me so happy!

A clothesline means sheets and towels and clothes that smell like the lovely fresh air of Queensborough. Best thing ever.

Thanks, Ed! You are the best.

6 thoughts on “A completely excellent surprise

  1. Do a laundry this weekend? Have I missed the post about you having a working washing machine?? Or are you talking laundromat??

    PS…seeing a picture of my brother makes me realize how much I miss him…and you. Counting down the days until lunch at Alisson’s…

    • We do have a washing machine! The St. Andrew’s United Church people were kind enough to agree to leave with the Manse when they sold it various pieces of furniture and appliances, including a perfectly serviceable refrigerator, a stove that has a tiny bit of weirdness about it but is fine if you know not to use a certain burner, and a washer and dryer. We haven’t tried using those yet, and as it turned out it was a rainy day today so not a clothesline day, but sometime soon I hope to do a wash and get that stuff out on the line for the nicest and freshest drying ever.

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  2. Brilliant! Clotheslines are the best–as you noted, your laundry smells amazing, but it’s also much easier on your clothes, so they last longer. All that, and energy savings to boot. Oh, and I’d recommend sturdy wooden clothespins–the plastic ones can’t handle the UV and the top part snaps off, and cheap wooden ones tend to spring apart in the wind. I believe Lee Valley has good ones, but even Canadian Tire jobs will do the trick.

      • Thanks, Christina! If both you and my cousin Nancy are recommending Lee Valley clothespins, there is no doubt in my mind that they are the way to go. I had a quick look at their website just now and couldn’t find wooden ones (only some metal ones that they say last a lifetime and won’t rust, which is interesting – but I would prefer wood). I will not be that easily deterred, however. If you happen to have the catalogue or product number for them, please share!

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