Queensborough, past, present, and future


Lots went on in Queensborough today. First there was the 140th anniversary service at St. Andrew’s United Church. When you think about it, that’s really something: the congregation (which started out as separate Methodist and Presbyterian churches and merged, interestingly [as I found out today thanks to an invaluable local history that will be the subject of another post] in 1921, four years before the 1925 “church union” that brought together the Methodist, Presbyterian [except for some holdouts, whom my father the United Church minister never forgave] and Congregational churches into the United Church of Canada) has been gathering for worship and doing good community work for almost a century and a half – and still going! That’s a lot of history to celebrate, and it was great to see a good turnout there to do so. An excellent lunch was served afterward (the St. Andrew’s people produce amazing church meals) and there was much socializing and catching up on news. A great time.

That was followed by a community meeting (my photo) at the Queensborough Community Centre (the old one-room schoolhouse) to continue work on planning for the future of our little hamlet. People have been working hard on this project for years, but this was the first time that Raymond and I were able to attend a meeting and try to contribute in person.

It was a long meeting and I certainly won’t go into all the details (I’d be up all night typing them on my phone, which is how I’m posting this), but suffice it to say that there are people who care deeply about Queensborough and who have some great ideas for it.

The plan: focus on key areas like heritage, beautification, development of business and tourism opportunities, and the most fun part: enjoyment of the natural beauty and history and just general goodness of this place.

It is such a good and interesting and lively place. As today proved, in more ways than one. Queensborough is tiny, but it is historic and beautiful and full of people who really care about it. I think the future is bright.

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