Queensborough makes the news

The latest issue of the EMC (Northeast edition), hot off the press with a story on what’s going on with Queensborough community development.

As I reported in a post this past Sunday, there was a meeting in Queensborough Sunday afternoon to talk about the kinds of things we want for our community: beautification, recognition of its heritage, development of tourism and commercial possibilities, etc. We talked about the work to be done, and people volunteered (or in some cases were volunteered!) for specific tasks. It felt like we accomplished a lot.

And things continue apace. On Tuesday, the municipal council of Tweed held its regular meeting at the Queensborough Community Centre; I gather that holding meetings in the outlying hamlets as opposed to the council chambers in the village of Tweed is something the council does from time to time, which strikes me as an excellent community-building and outreach exercise. At that meeting, representatives of our group spoke about our hopes and plans for Queensborough, and while Raymond and I were not able to be there (we were back in Montreal by then), I have received reliable reports that the meeting went well and the presentation was favourably received by the council. There was apparently even an excursion down to the Black River at the centre of town to examine land that could be used for a small public park! Excursions are excellent, especially in the middle of council meetings. (I say that as a former small-town reporter who sat through endless council meetings at town and township halls. Believe me, we [the reporters and the councillors alike] could have used a few excursions.)

Members of the vibrant local press (there are three weekly newspapers) attended that meeting, and at least one reporter has followed up with a story about what’s doing in Queensborough. This is all good stuff, and I post it here for your reading enjoyment. You have to keep up with the news!

2 thoughts on “Queensborough makes the news

  1. Hello Katherine
    You may be very pleased to see the result we have achieved since your last visit home.
    Working hard for Community Pride! mk

    • Hi, Mary Kay! Elaine emailed me some photos she took from her house of the park cleanup, and it looks amazing! If you have any closer-up photos that you could send for posting, that would be terrific. Very big congrats to you for coming up with this plan and making it work. A huge beautification improvement!

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