Three little kids at the Manse


This is a very early Manse photo. It was taken (according to the neatly hand-written notation on the back of the photo by my grandfather J.A.S. Keay, the photographer in the family) on Feb. 6, 1965 – my mother Lorna Sedgwick’s (née Keay) 31st birthday (which must have been why my grandparents were visiting us in Queensborough), and only seven months after my dad, Wendell Sedgwick, had taken up his duties as minister of the Queensborough Pastoral Charge and he and his young family had moved into the Manse.

The photo shows (from left) my sister, Melanie (a few months shy of 3 years old), my brother John (a month away from turning a year old), and me, aged 4 and a half. Those cute matching plaid dresses that Mel and I are wearing were doubtless hand-sewn by my grandmother, Reta Keay (whom we called Didi); she was excellent at sewing and made a lot of clothes for us. (Though when we got older we tired of having matching dresses.)

My youngest sibling, my brother Kenneth, wasn’t born until March 1966.

All the old photos provide interesting evidence of mid-century furnishings and finishes at the Manse. This photo was taken in the living room. I expect the grey wallpaper with the white flowers that you can see is still there underneath other layers, and it brought a shock of recognition to see it again. The curtains were eventually (i.e. sometime before we moved away from Queensborough in 1975) replaced by the ones that are still there now; and I think the couch (or “chesterfield,” as we called it back then) is the one that was there through all the years we lived there and is the one that is still kicking around in the back porch of the Manse.

I want to get that couch fixed up and bring it back in; “old times sake” and all that. Raymond seems to think otherwise.


7 thoughts on “Three little kids at the Manse

  1. Totally planned. Trying to be a little provocative, y’know? Unlike Miss Prude on the right.

    • But if you could just see it, Lucinda! Yes, a little raggedy, and an odd mid-century colour. But reupholstery can work wonders, can’t it? (Actually, having never had anything reupholstered in my life, I don’t have the slightest idea what I’m talking about. But I’ve heard it’s true!) And that “chesterfield” really was pretty comfortable… But I think I’m going to lose this one. The fact that the couch has been in the back porch for who knows how long means there may be some insect (or other animal) matter on it, and I think that alone will disqualify it for future reference. In Raymond’s eyes. Me, I’m a farm girl. Not so picky. Welcome to Meanwhile, at the manse!

      • “Retro” is so “in”. I’m with you, Katherine — keep the chesterfield, and have it re-upholstered. You’ll be glad of it.

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