The power of volunteers


This photo is just one in a series of wonderful shots that Queensborough’s Jos Pronk and Mary Kay York-Pronk have posted on the Facebook page of Jos’s proudly Queensborough-based company, Pronk Canada. (If you ever need anything machined or anything in the way of metalwork, Jos is your man.) I have limited technology this evening so can post only one, but the series of photos shows a whole bunch of volunteers from the Queensborough area working together to build and install planter boxes (and plant plants in them) at the signs at the village’s entrances; improving the entranceway at the Queensborough Community Centre (the former one-room schoolhouse) and planting a crabapple tree there; and, biggest project of all, clearing out a ton of brush and debris by the banks of the Black River in the centre of the village to create a new Riverpark. That is a huge job, and Part 2 gets under way this coming Saturday; if you’re in the area, please come lend a hand! Anyway, Part 1 took place on a miserable rainy day, but as you can see, that didn’t deter a great turnout of people from the community from showing up to help, many bringing trucks and other equipment along. What fantastic community spirit, and what brilliant beautification and improvement projects!

Queensborough people are just the best. And Queensborough looks very much the better for it. Take a well-deserved bow, volunteers!

6 thoughts on “The power of volunteers

  1. Queensborough’s history, its people and the energy powering the village’s renaissance are all inspiring! I love reading your posts about all the activity.

    • And I love reporting on it! I just wish Raymond and I were able to be here more often to help out with the work. It is just wonderful to see the community spirit and its visible results.

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  2. It is amazing what a determined group of individuals can do. Can’t wait to see followup pictures!-

    • I’ve just posted one, Eloise! I think you and Rick have experience in Hudson with how much hard-working and determined volunteers can achieve for the good of the community, don’t you?

  3. It is amazing what visions can do to bring a commuity together. And the best part is watching the end result! All the hard work is well worth the pain of the day. And we can watch our future enjoy what we have worked so hard to achieve. Thank you for sharing our pride Katherine. Volunteering isn’t just working hard to reach our goal, it is writing about it too:)

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