Back when everyone was young


I’m posting this photo, taken on the front porch of the Manse way back in 1968, in honour of having spent this afternoon and evening in Stratford, Ont., with my mum, Lorna, and probably her oldest friend, Margaret Munday. Mum and Margaret went to school together back in Leaside (in Toronto) and went on to study at Victoria College at the University of Toronto together. And they have remained closely in touch ever since, which is really something. Margaret and her husband, Jack, had four kids, as there were in our family. This snapshot was taken (I think by my father’s cousin, Donald Shortt) on a day when the Mundays and the Shortts and my Aunt Marion and a friend of hers were all visiting us in Queensborough. Quite a crowd at the Manse! The people in the photo are Donald Shortt’s wife, Linda, my Aunt Marion and her friend Mrs. Sudabutra, the Munday clan, my family (minus my dad) and two kids from the neighbourhood, Janet Lalonde (a good friend of my sister, Melanie) and Larry Parks, a good friend of my brother John.

I only hope for my mother’s sake that she didn’t end up having to cook for that enormous gang! Though chances are that she did.

Anyway, it was great to spend time with Mum and Margaret today, all these years later. I just wish this photo of my 8-year-old self (I’m front row left) didn’t remind me that it’s a lot easier to look good in shorts when you’re young…

One thought on “Back when everyone was young

  1. Ah, I had you picked out, Katherine. When you arrive here in Maine, you will have to point out who’s who for me!

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