Evidence of hard work on behalf of the community


I hope this photo, which I took Thursday, gives some sense of how much brush the community volunteers pulled out of the soon-to-be park beside the Black River in the centre of Queensborough during the recent work bee. Tomorrow (actually today, Saturday) is the next round, moving all that stuff out. I am very sorry that a long-planned (and paid for!) trip to Stratford, Ont., is keeping us away from the action, but at least I can post photos of how things look when we return to Queensborough on Sunday. It is so impressive to see first-hand what the volunteers have been able to achieve. Community spirit in action. That is seriously good stuff.

2 thoughts on “Evidence of hard work on behalf of the community

  1. Here’s a thought. Think about getting in touch with Nancy and John Hopkins at Country Roads magazine, and see if they would do a piece on the Q’boro renaissance? They are such Hastings Co. boosters, as you know. Your village’s experiences could be an inspiration and a road-map for many other small old communities looking to find their way.

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