A pretty place now looks even prettier

With the brush and undergrowth cleared away (thanks to hard work on a brutally hot Saturday by a whole bunch of volunteers), the site of the new community park is looking very promising. There’s still lots of work to be done, but progress has been impressive.

The “before” photo – the brush had been pulled out, but there still remained the big job of taking it all away. Now that part of the job is done.

The other day I posted a “before” photo (it’s at right) showing the massive amount of brush that community volunteers had cut and pulled out of the site of Queensborough’s soon-to-be riverside park during a recent work bee. On Thursday, when I took the photo, the brush was all piled up by the roadside, and a second bee was planned for this past Saturday to get it cleared out and do some more work. Raymond and I were away in Stratford, Ont., on Friday and Saturday, but when we got back to Queensborough on Sunday we were blown away by all that the volunteers had accomplished. This park is coming along nicely!

Other beautification work has also been done in recent days. A crabapple tree has been planted at the Queensborough Community Centre (the former one-room schoolhouse) and is being lovingly tended to and watered – through this scorching summer with no rain – by Anne Barry. The entranceway to the community centre has also been vastly improved, thanks to Anne’s husband, John. And John also built some beautiful planter boxes for the signs at the entrances to town, and one recent day another group of volunteers gathered to install them and put in plants. And they look smashing!

The new planter boxes (and plants) that grace the signs at the entrances to Queensborough. Nice!

So here’s to the volunteers (and a special shout-out to John Barry, who, my sources tell me, is responsible for an enormous share of the project), and to the businesses like Smokey’s Towing and Kevin Ramsay’s trucking company that have given of their time and equipment to make all the beautification work happen. The people of Queensborough have every right to be proud.

2 thoughts on “A pretty place now looks even prettier

  1. It’s reassuring, on a morning when I wake up to accounts of a mass shooting at a neighbourhood gathering, to read your post, Katherine, and see what the little community of Queensborough is accomplishing. Your posts, and your village, give me faith that (sorry, overused/co-opted words) old fashioned values live here.

    • That is so nice to hear, Lindi! Yes, Queensborough – and all that’s going on there – gives me renewed faith in community values too. Not to mention a great sense of peace and happiness when I’m there!

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