The deer who came to town

This past Sunday evening I took a little walk from the Manse down to the riverside in the heart of the village to see and take photos of the work the volunteer park-builders had done the day before. (You can read about that project here and here and here.) As I was walking past the vacant lot beside the former home of the Loyal Orange Lodge  – you can read my thoughts about, and memories of, that institution here – I was startled, in a good way, by a deer that ran across my path just a few feet in front of me.

Our neighbour Chuck Steele had told us of his frequent sightings of deer, and even bear cubs, in the fields across the street from the pretty house where he and his wife, Ruth, live. (You can see a bit of their front porch behind the Orange Lodge building in the video.) And one evening recently Chuck came and fetched me to see a deer that had appeared across the way in those fields.

But the deer I ran into on Sunday had ventured out of the fields and right smack into the heart of “downtown” (I say that tongue in cheek, you understand) Queensborough!

I am sure I startled it as much as it startled me on that very quiet summer evening. It ran off to the far corner of the lot, then, realizing that inhabited places lay around in every direction, decided it was probably best to return to the wide open spaces. I filmed it as it slowly made its way back to the streetside edge of the lot, directly opposite me – always keeping an eye on me and, I think, trying to hide in the not-quite-tall-enough grass as it did so. Its gait as it tries to sneak away looks pretty funny.

When it got to the street, a break for it! It scampered back across the street and into the bushes.

Bye, deer. Nice meeting you!

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