Because every girl needs a retro turquoise UCW apron


Today we are at Goose Rocks Beach, Maine, a place we love to visit every summer. One of the best things about coming here year after year is getting together with all of Raymond’s New England family and “extended family.” Into that latter category fall Margaret and Sam, who are from Quebec but have been coming to the Beach for many years, and whom we know through their longtime friendship with Raymond’s sister Jeannie.

This morning we ran into Margaret at the annual Cape Porpoise book sale (where we all buy tons of books each year) and she announced she had a gift she couldn’t wait to bring over for me. Well! You can imagine how intrigued I was. And the way Margaret spoke, I had a very strong suspicion that it had something to do with the Manse.

And it did! This evening Margaret brought over the gift. First the card, in which is inscribed: “Every girl needs a retro turquoise UCW apron. Enjoy!” And inside the gift bag: a hand-sewn (beautifully, by Margaret) full apron, made from vintage-patterned fabric that she had found in Burlington, Vermont. And it’s turquoise! With ’60s-style flowers! And – oh my lord, memories of the sewing lessons from my Grade 7 home ec class at Centre Hastings Secondary School in Madoc are flooding back – rickrack trim! As Margaret said, hitting the nail on the head about changed trends in sewing: “When was the last time you saw rickrack?”

When indeed? Margaret, this apron is classic. There is no other word for it. It made me recall how my mum had a whole drawerful of aprons in the space-challenged kitchen at the Manse; space or no space, any self-respecting housewife had to have – and use – aprons in those days.

Those days are gone. But it is so much fun to remember the sweet and good things about them – like a drawerful of aprons. And now I have one of my own, and it’s turquoise!

What a lovely and thoughtful gift. And Margaret’s citing of the UCW in the card was the icing on the cake. She said it was our secret code, Margaret and I both having United Church of Canada roots. UCW stands for United Church Women.

And that is an organization where there were a LOT of aprons going on.

6 thoughts on “Because every girl needs a retro turquoise UCW apron

  1. Aprons are brilliant, and this is indeed a fine specimen! I totally get aprons now, by the way. I didn’t for years, but they are a lifesaver for a messy cook like me. Wipe your hands, mop your brow, grasp a hottish pot handle…all without soiling the perfectly pressed poufy housedress underneath. (Okay, the jeans shorts underneath.) I trust this is the start of a collection!

    • C’mon Mel I know you totally have a secret stash of aprons. They’re in the drawer between the Cattleman mags and the box of chainsaw parts

  2. I LOVE the apron! I have to tell you, I was in New Hampshire this weekend, and was inspired by your dining table story. I walked into a consignment store and saw a beautiful table and chair set from the 20’s. I immediately fell in love, and bought it to replace my perfectly good existing set. If you guys can do it, so can I!!!

    Also, you guys are very close to Raymond’s cousin(second? third?), Luke (Lucien) Brassard. He’s up in Scarborough on Pine Point. He spends a lot of summer time up there, Look him and his wife, Pat, up and say hello if you feel up to it!

    • I think you need to send us a photo of your new table and chairs, Nicole. Vintage is where it’s at, n’est-ce pas? Glad to have inspired you to go in that direction!

      Your mention of Raymond’s cousin Lucien Brassard got us into a long discussion of second cousins once (or twice) removed. It starts to makes one’s head spin after a while!

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