Which river runs through it? I stand corrected


As some eagle-eyed readers noted, my post the other day about the individual attributes of the towns of Madoc and Tweed contained an error: it is the Moira River that runs through Tweed, not the Skootamatta as I had said. When travelling to Tweed from Queensborough you cross the Skootamatta not far north of Tweed, which is where my error came from. But by the time you get to town, the Skootamatta has joined up with the Mighty Moira, which runs through a good portion of Hastings County and goes from Tweed south to Belleville. (The Black River that runs through Queensborough also ends up joining the Moira.) Would you like to know where the Moira’s name comes from? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s named for a chap who was Earl of Moira, Moira being a town in Northern Ireland. The fellow was Francis Rawdon-Hastings, one of those hoity-toity Anglo-Irish toffs of yesteryear. He made quite a name for himself, though, serving with the British Army during the U.S. War of Independence (he saw action and made a name for himself at the Battle of Bunker Hill, among other skirmishes) and he later was made Governor-General of India. The people of Hastings County must have thought very highly of him, because they named lots of places after him: not only the Mighty Moira, but also Rawdon Township and the name of the county itself.

I don’t know that Francis Rawdon-Hastings, 1st Marquess of Hastings and Earl of Moira, ever set foot in our neck of the woods, but he certainly left his mark.

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