And I want sunflowers …

These lovely bright sunflowers in front of one of the houses in Queensborough made me think it’s time for some at the Manse.

We never had sunflowers at the Manse when I was growing up there, but I think the time has come. I spotted the ones in the photo above while out walking around the block that constitutes “downtown” Queensborough. (I was pausing to admire the house they are in front of, which until recently was looking very run-down indeed, with the porch and yard filled with junk, but that was recently sold and has been very nicely fixed and tidied up. It’s great to see and makes the whole village look better.) Said I to myself, “Sunflowers! Why not?” There are lots of sunny spaces in the Manse’s yard where they’d look great; perhaps somewhere up against the wall of the house. Their bright yellow would look nice against the old red brick.

The only thing is that they can’t be those monster ones that stand taller than a person. Those kind of creep me out. No Attack of the Killer Sunflowers in my yard!

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