The Manse needs some cats.

Our cats Sieste (the black and white one) and Bayona, doing what they do best: sleeping in the sun. I think they would enjoy sleeping in the sun at the Manse.

I love cats. Raymond loves cats. I am a little leery of anyone who doesn’t love cats. What’s not to love?

This is Sieste, the clever cat. She is inordinately interested in anything new that’s brought into “her” house, and this old toolbox and the mat that’s in it were new arrivals when this photo was taken.

I quite like dogs too, mind you. But dogs require walking (often at inconvenient hours and even in ghastly weather) and picking up after. Cats are independent, and a lot less work.

Years ago my mum gave me a mug that says “A house is not a home without a cat,” and I truly believe that. I love it that when Raymond and I come home at the end of the workday our two cats, Sieste and Bayona, are so pleased to see us. Their being there makes it home.

This is Bayona, a few years younger than Sieste and a lot chubbier. And not the smartest cat ever. But very loveable. We adopted both cats from the SPCA.

The only thing missing from the Manse these days (well, aside from a huge renovation) is a cat or two to greet us when we arrive, and to leap into our laps for a nice little snuggle when we’re sitting reading the local newspapers.

But alas, it it not at all practicable to have cats there unless and until we spend a lot more time at the Manse than we are currently able to do. If we had them now, we’d practically need a full-time catsitter, and that’s ridiculous.

I often joke that we should bring Sieste and Bayona with us when we visit. I’m sure they would love to prowl around the big garden and check out all the insects and animals and birds to be found there. And the Manse’s two staircases would really be of interest to them. Hours of fun to be had running up and down those staircases!

But there’s no way we could, or would even want to, transport the cats the long distance between Montreal and Queensborough. For one thing, Sieste loathes being in the car and yowls the entire time. Four and a half hours of a cat yowling is more than anyone can bear. Bayona travels quite well – she’s a fat and placid cat (some might say slow-witted), unlike her sleek and sly and smart half-sister – but she likes home and nowhere but home. She’d be seriously rattled to be in an unfamiliar house. It was bad enough when we moved into our current house from an apartment that was only about four blocks away.

So for the time being, sadly, the Manse is a cat-free house. But I like to imagine how much fun our future cats – whether they be Sieste and Bayona or a later generation – might eventually have with us there.

3 thoughts on “The Manse needs some cats.

  1. Cats are endlessly fascinating. If I could only breathe in their presence, I would have a house-full! I love the curious Sieste already; I’m guessing she’s good at finding mischief to get up to.

    • You have totally put your finger on Sieste’s personality, Lindi. She is very, very good at getting into mischief! I do think she would love exploring the Manse if she ever got there.

      I’m sorry to hear you have cat allergies. I’ve actually developed them in midlife myself, which is really a pain, but they aren’t overwhelming so I am working to power through and continue to enjoy my (and anybody else’s) felines.

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  2. Here, on the other side of Queensborough, I have 7 cats…they make for nice, warm, living blankets in the winter

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