The wasp situation: an update

The fake wasp’s nest that’s supposed to keep real wasps away, newly installed on the front porch of the Manse. It seems to be doing what it’s supposed to do – kind of.

Back in April I wrote about our wasp problem at the Manse. There were a lot of yellow jackets around the house, a worrisome situation since Raymond is extremely allergic to wasp bites. We decided we had to take a hard line, and so one particularly waspy morning called up the Belleville branch of a Kingston-based extermination company. They were able to arrange to come just a few days later – when we would be conveniently away, which is good because one doesn’t want to be around when the spraying is being done – and got the job done no muss, no fuss, and at what we thought was quite a reasonable price.

Several friends and colleagues recommended a followup step: putting up fake wasps’ nests. Wasps are apparently very territorial and will not go within several hundred feet of what they perceive to be another nest. So, people said, put up one or more of the readily available (in hardware stores and the like) fake paper nests, and we shouldn’t see a return of the wasps.

I found the fake nests at Gilmer’s Home Hardware in Port Hope, Ont., when I was there visiting my mum, and bought several packages of them. They have the clever name Get Lost Wasp, and you can see the details here.

Of course we were eager to see whether there’d be any wasps bumbling about on our return to the Manse. Very good news: there weren’t! So we hung up a Get Lost Wasp nest on the front porch and hoped that would be that.

Unfortunately, nothing is ever easy. While we still haven’t seen any more yellow jackets, another kind of waspy-type critter has shown up – all black, and smaller than the yellow wasps, but apparently wasps nonetheless. Are these the non-territorial variety who don’t care if there’s another nest nearby? Or maybe they’re a kind who move in when their yellow-jacket cousins have cleared out.

At any rate, there aren’t that many of them: it’s nothing like the yellow-jacket situation was. And we’ve spotted an opening in the front-porch roof that they seem to be going in and out of, and have sprayed that two or three times with hardware-store wasp spray, and each time it seems to reduce the activity.

But to get rid of the problem once and for all (or as close as one can come to that), we think we’ll bring in our friendly and efficient exterminators again in the fall.

Blast those wasps!

4 thoughts on “The wasp situation: an update

  1. The low-rent version – blow up a paper bag, tie it off and hang from porch – saw this version at elders gathering in northern Saskatchewan this summer. Seemed to work.

    • Good information to have – thank you! Though I was so intent on dealing with those wasps that when I bought the fake nests I picked up several packages containing two each. So we won’t run short anytime soon!

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