A long time ago, in a library far, far away…


That would be the Madoc Public Library, where the kind Mrs. Duffin was the keeper of the books. It was heaven to a reader such as myself. A world of books, and the places they could take you. Early on (before Mrs. Duffin, who could be stern, allowed me into the grown-up section), I read all the Cherry Ames books that the library offered. It was like Nancy Drew, but minus the mysteries and plus the bandages. Cherry was a spunky nurse and an inspiration. In recent years I have had fun tracking down old editions of Cherry Ames, and Maine has been very helpful on that front. This year at the Cape Porpoise book fair, which is always the first thing we attend on our August vacation, I found five (5) – that’s a Richard Brautigan reference, for any of you who might remember him, and bless your heart if you do – early editions of the adventures of Cherry, for, shall we say, a nominal price. And I have quite a few other volumes from earlier book-buying excursions. So hey, people, if you ever want to read Cherry Ames, Dude Ranch Nurse (!), or Cherry Ames, Department Store Nurse (I am not making this up) – just stop on by!

2 thoughts on “A long time ago, in a library far, far away…

  1. Kitty, does nurse cherry say whether or not to rip off a nail that’s been tore up in the fly wheel of a set-on tractor or just to let it grow out and fall off when it has a mind to. Cuz if she doesn’t, she ain’t no help t’all to me.
    As always lovin’ the blog.
    P.s., nurse Paul cherry would wonder why the hell anyone would put their finger in a fly wheel of a set on and probably break the finger for being slow and stupid as they here.

    • Well Kitty, I can start plowing through the dozen or so volumes of Nurse Cherry’s adventures that I’ve acquired to date, but I’m not sure if she’ll be able to advise on the fingernail-in-the-flywheel situation. Then again, I do have “Cherry Ames, Dude Ranch Nurse,” and perhaps that dude ranch has a few set-on tractors. Will keep you posted!

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