From Maine to the Manse

Raymond and the tobogganReally, what says “Souvenir of a Maine Summer Vacation” like a toboggan?

Okay, I admit it’s kind of kooky. And Raymond, while happy enough to pose for this photo, has been gently mocking me ever since we bought it. I think he’s wondering whether the customs folks will think we’re nuts when they see it as we head home across the border.

But when I spotted this fine specimen in one of the many antiques-and-collectibles barns that Raymond and I have visited over the past couple of weeks, I thought it would be just the thing for the Manse. It’s very like the one my family had when we were growing up there, and it’s in pretty good shape. And it was only $22.

We had endless fun in wintertime on our old toboggan, sliding down the long hill on the property next door to us. It’s now the site of current owners Brian and Sylvia MacNeil’s really beautiful and expansive gardens, so I expect we’ll have to find a new tobogganing venue for anyone who might want to partake in that excellent winter pastime.

But at least we’ll have the toboggan. All the way from Maine.

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