Queensborough has possibly the most beautiful downtown in the world.

Look at this photo. Just look at it. And ask yourself: does my town or city have a view this pretty right at the heart of it? And if the answer is no, and if that makes you rueful, then there’s only one thing to do: move to Queensborough. We are blessed.

I must emphasize, though, that this view would not be nearly as nice as it is were it not for all the community volunteers who helped out with creating a small park on the banks of the Black River this past late spring/early summer. I took this photo last weekend when Raymond and I were at the Manse; we are both blown away by the results of that community project, and all the hard work of the volunteers.

Here’s one more photo, from a different angle, looking toward the historic Thompson mill. Remember, this is downtown Queensborough. If a hundred years ago you had been standing where I was when I took this picture, you would have been surrounded by activity at the three general stores, the hotels, the lumber operations…

But Queensborough is much quieter now than it was a hundred years ago. And thanks to that peace and quiet, probably more beautiful.

Those of us who live there (even if only part time) are the luckiest people of all.

6 thoughts on “Queensborough has possibly the most beautiful downtown in the world.

  1. In the first photo, one can see my shoreline on the other side of the river. With Johnny Barry & his crew of volunteers cleaning up the west bank, I felt compelled to clean up my side as well. The last time I did it was about 25 years ago when Bobby still ran her General Store but it was somewhat difficult to maintain with a push mower [due to many large rocks] and clippers. This time around, I purchased a neat 4-stroke Ryobi grass trimmer from XSCargo and completed the job in about 10 hours. Still had to use clippers to remove the mangrove-like saplings along the water edge. One thing I did notice was the infestation of purple loosestrife in the shallow water. It would seem that MNR’s program to arrest the spread of this invasive species is either no longer effective or has been abandoned. Anyways, I hand-clipped them and will remove the roots when I find the time. With the goodly amount of rain a couple weeks ago, both sides of the river are greening-up just nicely — picture postcard quality!

    “…If a hundred years ago you had been standing where I was when
    I took this picture, you would have been surrounded by activity at
    the three general stores, the hotels, the lumber operations…
    …Not to mention several blacksmith shops along the west bank, the Loyal Orange Lodge up town, 3 churches, horse-and-buggies on the streets…the population was about 10 times greater then.

    Tongue in cheek, I told a member of the beautification committee that I plan to enhance the visual attractiveness of the town by installing 3 or 4 huge “Smitty’s Appliances” signs [they are ubiquitous in Hastings County and are the epitome of gaudiness] on my riverbank…she was horrified with the concept

    • Graham, don’t think I didn’t notice how nice your side of the riverbank was looking when I took that photo. I am sure that I am far from the only Queensborough resident who is so pleased with all the hard work you’ve undertaken to clear it out and make it look beautiful! Interesting about the purple loosestrife. I was still living in Ontario at the height of the campaign to get rid of it because it was choking wetlands (the fancy new name for what we used to call swamps, but I digress). I remember when Hastings County’s neighbour, Northumberland (where I was living and working at the time) declared it a noxious weed, and property owners were under orders to get rid of it. Perhaps it’s no longer deemed as large a threat? At any rate, despite the harm it causes, it is such a beautiful plant.

      Had to laugh at your Smitty’s Appliances crack. I must do a post about Smitty’s one of these days, and perhaps even visit his operation. Those signs aren’t just in Hastings County; the energetic Smitty has them in Northumberland too, and I believe also in Lennox and Addington, and maybe even Haliburton and Renfrew counties.

  2. The park is very beautiful & a long time hidden. With the hard work & dedication came a sense of pride which Graham’s shorline depicts. If Mr Smitty’s signs do enhance the visual attractivness in the coming future I’d watch out for Mr. Racoon. I hear he is a collector for pole sign advertising. lol

    • Too funny! That Smitty really knows how to get people riled up. But you know what they say: all publicity is good publicity. And who in Hastings County doesn’t know about Smitty’s, thanks to those omnipresent signs? Pretty clever marketing. But for SURE we don’t want one of those signs on the riverbank in downtown Queensborough!

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