Sunset over Queensborough

Dave deLang calls this photograph Angel Sunset. Stunning, n’est-ce pas? (Photo by Dave deLang)

Thanks to this blog and the wonders of email, Raymond and I have a friend in Queensborough whom we haven’t even met yet – though I think we will this coming weekend. He is Dave deLang, and he and his wife, Irina, live on Declair Road, part of the GQA (Greater Queensborough Area) and a couple of miles east of the village itself.

Dave is a fantastic photographer. It’s been a lifelong passion for him, he tells me: “I have had cameras since I was around 12 years of age. I remember my first ventures were to a local graveyard to photograph old gravestones. I had a morbid fascination with history then. I used photography to pay my way through my post-secondary education (weddings and in-home family pics). The routine was school all day, evenings and weekends photography and presentation. Eventually I burned out from photography and swore off being a professional, although I kept my finger on the shutter button, only as a hobby.  Now that I am retired I can devote some additional time to my favourite pastime.”

Dave kindly gave me permission to post his photo Angel Sunset, which he sent to us a little while back. It was, he says, “made from the second-floor balcony of my house … I saw the sunset and immediately changed lenses on my camera for a more appropriate one, exposed for the sky to silhouette the trees and subsequently cropped in Photoshop.”

I’d wanted to post it because I have every intention of making those of you who don’t live in Queensborough green with envy at how lovely our little corner of the world is.

And speaking of getting the word out, Dave has agreed to work with Elaine Kapusta and me (though credit where credit is due here: Elaine has done 100% of the work to date) on a website for Queensborough. One of the key things we plan to put on it is a kind of virtual walking tour of the village, with historical information about the various buildings. Well, obviously you can’t do that kind of thing properly without some nice photos, so I think you can see how Dave’s talents and interests are going to be enormously helpful.

It’s all coming together in Queensborough, a place of beautiful – even angelic – sunsets!

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