From Madonna to the Manse, in 24 hours


This photo, by proacguy1 via, shows what I was seeing a little over 24 hours ago: a sold-out concert by Madonna at the Bell Centre in Montreal. I was there with some Montreal Gazette colleagues, and the show left us all (especially the veering-toward-middle-age-or-already-there types, like me) in awe of this self-made (from humble beginnings) woman’s achievements: catchy-song skills, stamina and athleticism, and most of all ability to just put on a show: it was a “spectacle” in the true sense of the word, whether you pronounce it the French way or the English way.

But as I took in that spectacle, I couldn’t help thinking that in 24 hours I would be at the Manse, and what a contrast that would be. And indeed it is: as I type this, the only sound is some crickets outside, and the light show is the full (or almost) moon.

There is a great deal to be said for living in two very different worlds. I believe I have mentioned that before. But really, when it’s the legendary Madonna one night and the crickets of Queensborough the next: how lucky can a girl get?

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