Of seagulls, French fries, and a holiday weekend at the Manse

Raymond and I have had an utterly splendid long weekend in Queensborough. We have met interesting new people and visited with good old friends. We have learned new things and travelled roads that we’d never been down before. We have taken lots of pictures and had lots of fun. We have appreciated more than ever what a lovely part of the world this is.

I have come away with things to report and stories to tell. But for today, I’ll just say the same thing as this admittedly seacoast-themed postcard that I bought (partly because it is the colour that I now like to think of as Manse-Kitchen Turquoise) in Maine this past summer: Today I am happier than a seagull with a French fry.

Which, if you’ve ever seen a seagull on the Maine seacoast (or anywhere else, for that matter) with a French fry, you will know is pretty darn happy.


5 thoughts on “Of seagulls, French fries, and a holiday weekend at the Manse

  1. That says it all, Katherine!! LOL!… We have to get in touch! I too have so much to share with you, in our dual odessey {sp?] to the past!!!… In the meantime, much love, and enjoy the french fry!!…

    • Thank you, Ruthanne! I really think Queensborough needs a homecoming weekend of some sort, so that all of us current and former residents can meet each other and share stories. I would love to hear yours. You must let me know the next time you think you might be in the area, and perhaps we can arrange something. Would love to have you for a cup of tea at the Manse!

  2. If you’re back in Queensborough at the end of September, the Tweed and Area Studio Tour would be a great reason to explore more new roads. I’m just south of the conservation area trail that starts at the south end of Croft Road (off Bosley Road) and ends at Westall Lane where we are. If you have an ATV or 4WD you can get here via that trail, or you can come via Hwy 7 and Black River rd. http://www.tweedstudiotour.org will get you info, and I’ll leave brochures with Elaine K. as well. Would love to meet you after reading so many of your blog entries.

    • I’ve picked up a copy or two of the Tweed and Area Studio Tour already! I am not sure if Raymond and I will be able to be in the area that weekend, but if we are, you will be seeing us for sure. It looks like a great event. I am constantly amazed at the number of talented and/or artistic people in our area, and I look forward to meeting more and seeing their work. Readers, if you’re free the weekend of Saturday, Sept. 29, and Sunday, Sept.30, I highly commend this event – and if you’d like info on places to stay and eat in the area, just drop me a line!

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