A quiet image for a fraught day


Today is election day in Quebec. Election nights are always a busy time for those of us in the news business, and the Montreal Gazette newsroom, where Raymond and I both work, will be a very busy place indeed until late into the night and early into the morning. In addition to the usual adrenaline rush brought on by deadline pressures – you haven’t lived until you’ve written or edited a news story about the results of an election that must go to press before those results are fully known – there is the uncertainty looming over the outcome. Will we have more of the same with Jean Charest’s Liberals, who have already governed for three occasionally controversial mandates? Will we end up with the untested brand-new Coalition Avenir Québec under former separatist François Legault? Or will hell-bent sovereignist Pauline Marois and her Parti Québécois take power, with all the unsettledness that that entails? Will we end up with a majority government, or a minority? And if the latter, who will prop up whom?

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve got a day like that in front of me, I need to have something to keep me grounded and calm. Which is why I’m posting this early-morning photo of the dam and historic mill on the Black River in Queensborough. It was taken one morning last week by Queensborough photographer Dave deLang – Raymond and I had the great pleasure of meeting Dave and his wife, Irina, this past weekend – and he kindly gave me permission to use it. Thank you, Dave, for giving me and my readers something calm and beautiful to look at and reflect on during a day (and night) of uncertainty – and deadlines.

8 thoughts on “A quiet image for a fraught day

  1. Just the kind of pic one needs on their desktop, to centre them in such a frazzled world! – Thanks to Dave for the lovely scene, and to you Katherine, for bringing it to our hearts and souls… Hope your day at least evens out, and you can appreciate the joy and wisdom you bring to us all….

    • So kind of you to say, Ruthanne. But on this one, all credit goes to Dave deLang for getting out there so early in the morning and capturing the ripples and reflections and the mist rising off the water. Beautiful!

  2. I’ve been thinking of you both a lot today – here (and likely in Q’boro) the rain is teeming down, with blasts and flashes of thunder and lightning occasionally. If I recall my Shakespeare class correctly, the term is ‘supernatural soliciting.’ Is there a second occasionally for you to visualize this day done, and the pair of you back on that porch?

    • Great to hear from you, Lindi! “Supernatural soliciting” – impressive! (I had to look it up, not being as familiar with Macbeth as with some of the other plays of the canon.) I just so hope that the rain made its way to Queensborough, which was absolutely arid this past weekend. As you doubtless know by now, what with all the events of election night in Quebec there wasn’t much chance to dream oneself away to the front porch of the Manse. Queensborough and Quebec really are two very different worlds.

  3. Democracy, even with all the frailties in both of our countries, is so invigorating. Canada must be so proud, excited, involved and perhaps a bit anxious. I know the anxiety I feel about our election season.

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