Make those stinging insects go away!

I don’t actually know if this specimen is the same as the black wasps, or hornets, or whatever they are that arrived at the Manse along with late summer. But you get the general idea. And I want those things gone – though probably not as much as Raymond does.

So today was Round 2 – or is it Round 3? – in our battle against wasps and maybe hornets hanging around the Manse. To recap the saga so far:

On our visits early last spring we were less than thrilled to see lots of yellowjackets hanging around, including inside the windows and sometimes (rather more dead than alive) even inside the house. Raymond is extremely allergic to wasp stings, so this was not at all good. When we’d finally had enough, we called in Greenshield Pest Control (“serving Kingston, Brockville, Quinte & Eastern Ontario”), and in late May they sprayed the exterior of the house for wasps. On subsequent visits, we were so happy to find basically no wasps – occasionally a stray one wandering by, but none hanging about.

The Get Lost Wasp fake nest. It worked – sort of.

The next step was to put up a Get Lost Wasp fake wasps’ nest, which many people have told us works splendidly at keeping them at bay. Wasp colonies apparently won’t invade each other’s territory, so if they think (and let’s face it, they’re not all that bright) that a colony is already happily living at the Manse, in theory they will hie themselves off elsewhere. Again, things seemed to be going swimmingly – for a while.

Then we noticed a few new flying, stinging insects; basically they looked like the yellowjackets, only they were black. We figured out at least one place – a hole in the wooden ceiling of the front porch that they were constantly going into and out of – that must be a nest, and sprayed it two or three times with a (doubtless evil and toxic) wasp spray.

But that failed miserably. On our most recent visit, the black wasps – or hornets, as some have suggested they may be; and we also hear that these guys are not fooled by the fake nest – were everywhere, as abundant as the yellowjackets had been in the spring (though not, thankfully, showing up inside the house). It made life anywhere outdoors at the Manse a misery for Raymond, and enough was enough. We called in the heavy artillery again.

And so today the Greenshield folks were to return, blasting the house and garage for wasps and hornets and other assorted stinging insects. And we have now subscribed to their maintenance plan, under which they come and do the same thing each spring and fall, in the interest of stopping the pests from showing up in the first place.

Lord, I hope it works. I hate it when my husband has to dodge the little buggers all the time – and it is amazing how they make a beeline (sorry) straight for him, ignoring anyone else (like me) who might be about; mosquitoes and blackflies do the same thing, so evidently he smells good, or at least his blood does – and I really hate the prospect of racing him to the ER if he’s been stung.

Fingers crossed that this is the end of the wasps.

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