The Madoc Fair


Raymond and I are heading west on Highway 7 as I write this, somewhere between Perth and Sharbot Lake, looking forward to a brief but exciting weekend at the Manse. Why exciting? Because we are going to the Madoc Fair! There will be horse pulling and cattle judging (as in this excellent photo from last year’s fair by acameronhuff via and prize-winning pies and jams and pickles and fair food like candy apples and hamburgers cooked by some UCW group and, I hope, the pulled taffy sold in sticks wrapped in waxed paper. And the Tilt-a-whirl and maybe even a Ferris wheel! As you can probably tell from my enthusiasm, the Madoc Fair was a high point of the year during my childhood. It will be interesting to see what has changed since then. My hope: not much.

4 thoughts on “The Madoc Fair

  1. Welcome home! Hope you and Raymond enjoy the fair. Have been meaning to drop a line. I visited The Old Hastings Mercantile and Gallery (and Ernie’s irresistible school house tea room) in Ormsby a week and half ago (just before my most recent camping trip, which explains my silence at ancestralroofs). Had a lovely reunion with Lillian, and met Gary Pattison in person (though like you, he had become a friend I hadn’t yet met). He and Lillian are very active in the salvation of the Old Ormsby Heritage church, and were present though briefly at the Hazzard UC anniversary service you mentioned recently (though they had to leave early, Gary being scheduled to play at the PEC jazz festival, at the Boss Brass Reunion concert in Picton.) In all the excitement of a wide-ranging conversation, I didn’t learn if you folks had actually met! Your respective communities and churches are beneficiaries of your community dedication.- you clearly have much in common.

    • Hello, Lindi! Unfortunately we did not get to meet Lillian and Gary at the Hazzard’s service – we only found out later that they had been there. Had I known I would have been sure to head over and say hi. It is amazing how many people in the Central Hastings area have been telling me recently about the great things they are doing in Ormsby. I gather the Christmas service at the church there is not to be missed, and so – we shall try not to miss it! Though we very much hope to visit the store and tearoom long before that. How wonderful to have a “destination” like that not so far away! (And I look forward to the day, I hope not too far hence, when Queensborough too will have a commercial destination.)

  2. Lucky you! The Cowichan Exhibition was last weekend and we had a blast. We even brought home a few first prize ribbons! OK, mostly Esme brought home the ribbons (although my almond roca cleaned up in the “candy, any other variety” category). I love fall fairs, and I hope you guys have fantastic time and don’t get stomach aches from eating a whole bag of cotton candy because they don’t sell it in the stick any more. Oh wait, that was me.

    • Hahaha! Happy to report that at the Madoc Fair they still sell candy floss on a stick, and so I only got a mildly unsettled tummy from eating the whole sugary thing! Congrats on your ribbons! I would like to hear about Esme’s prizewinning efforts.

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