Bring your appetite to Queensborough

All those with hearty appetites and a love of home cooking take note: there’s not one but two community events coming up in Queensborough at which you will, I promise, eat well and enjoy yourself.

The first is this coming Saturday (Sept. 22), when there’ll be a pig roast at the Queensborough Community Centre. Now, I have to tell you that as a person who’s considerably more fond of vegetables than of meat, I was a little put off by some of what I found when I went to Google Images looking for a pig-roast photo. (Hence my choice of the cartoony image.) But I am assured by Raymond that pig roasted over an open fire is utterly delicious, and I believe him. The event, which starts at 4:30 p.m., is pot-luck, which I imagine means the roasted pig is there for all, but bring a salad or a dessert or some such. My recent field research in Queensborough suggests that everyone in town is going to be there, and I am disappointed that we are not (as is Raymond, only more so); unfortunately we have a prior commitment that day.

The turkey supper will take place in the hall (the white addition) at St. Andrew’s – but enter by the main door to get your ticket. And then sit in the sanctuary and wait till your number is called, smelling the delicious smells…

Then on Wednesday, Oct. 3 (the Wednesday before Thanksgiving) it’s the annual (for lo these many, many decades) St. Andrew’s United Church turkey supper. I have to tell you, the only thing that comes even close to this event is the St. Andrew’s United Church ham supper in the spring. The community will be out in full force, as will people from well beyond; the St. Andrew’s church suppers are legendary. It runs from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and tickets are $12; I expect children eat for less, and there are family rates.

I am salivating just thinking of it. There will almost certainly be the baked beans that St. Andrew’s does better than anywhere else on the planet (sorry, Boston), and of course turkey and all the fixings. I rather doubt that Raymond and I will be able to attend, given that it’s a weekday and we’ll be working here in Montreal; but if we can swing it, we will. It would be so wonderful to be back at St. Andrew’s for a church supper. Oh, the smell of the food as one sat in the sanctuary waiting for one’s number to be called…

I think I need a close-to-midnight snack. Where the deuce are the baked beans?

2 thoughts on “Bring your appetite to Queensborough

    • Sadly, I fear they do not, Brian. The budgets of the Queensborough Pig Roast and the St. Andrew’s United Church Turkey Supper and pretty spare, and largely based on volunteer labour and great food cooked for free. But come next year (or whenever you are back on this side of the world), Raymond and I would be so pleased to invite you and Sylvia to either or both events!

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