Where once danger lurked, a nice piece of natural landscaping

A nice hefty piece of fieldstone now covers the Manse’s old well.

The former covering for the well – an accident waiting to happen.

A while back I posted a warning to anyone who might come visit the Manse to not, under any circumstances, step on the cover of the old well that is no longer in use. That cover is a cement square, inset into which are some boards that are not trustworthy at all, given how long they’ve been there and the greenery growing up through them.

We wanted to put something over those boards that would ensure no one would or could step on them (and potentially fall through), but we wanted it to be something attractive. Our hope was for a piece of nice local stone. So we asked Mike Tregunna, owner of the Tregunna Tree Farm outside Tweed from which our new elm tree came, about it – since the Tregunna folks are in the landscaping business as well as the tree business.

A closeup: I like the different-colored layers in the stone that Mike Tregunna found.

Mike promised to keep an eye open for a suitable piece of natural stone, and a couple of weeks ago he emailed me saying he’d found one at a good price. And now it’s happily installed, preserving us all from danger. And looking good to boot.

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