And a good pig roast was had by all

John Barry minding the roasting pig, which by the looks of things is done to a turn. (Photo by Elaine Kapusta)

It suddenly strikes me that food has been the theme of this blog the last couple of days, what with yesterday’s post about my search for a Hastings County turkey for Thanksgiving and all the interesting local farms I found as a result. Well, what’s wrong with a food theme? Good food is something to celebrate.

Mike Aquin (left) and Frank Brooks carving the roasted pig. (Photo by Elaine Kapusta)

And good food was what it was all about at the community pig roast in Queensborough last Saturday. As I’d previously mentioned, Raymond and I had very much hoped to be on hand for it (Raymond especially; “Nothing beats a pig roast!” he pronounced in his Facebook post on the subject), but it turned out we had a prior engagement in Montreal – the opera, if you must know. And La Traviata was great, but evidently we missed an excellent meal and gathering at the Queensborough Community Centre.

Now THAT’s Queensborough: laden tables inside the Queensborough Community Centre (the former one-room schoolhouse; note the blackboard) featuring all the pot-luck offerings people had brought to accompany the roast pig. (Photo by Elaine Kapusta)

I love the photo above, because it’s classic Queensborough. Just look at that table groaning under its burden of great homemade food! I tell you, people, no one knows how to put on a spread like these folks.

Speaking of which, a reminder that the annual turkey supper at St. Andrew’s United Church in Queensborough is this coming Wednesday, Oct. 3, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. And all I can say about that is this:

You will not leave hungry.

4 thoughts on “And a good pig roast was had by all

  1. I love that there are so many young people in the photo – so many old villages are filled with old people…not Queensborough!

    • That is a good point, Lindi, and so true! There are quite a few young people in Queensborough and area. I like it when I see them passing by the Manse on their bikes or skateboards or whatnot – it reminds me of my own growing-up days there.

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  2. 2 of the ‘young people’ in the photo are my daughters, Sarah & Philippa Chapman, 2nd from the left and far right, Katherine, we live in the Old Railway station, also known as the Gordon house!
    I have been followong your blogs for quite a while now and am fascinated with all your history of the are we have grown to love over the 41/2 years we have lived here. Thank you! We look forward to meeting you on one of your visits, maybe Thanksgiving weekend?

    • Great to hear from you, Sally! We’d love to meet you and your family. We’ll be at the Manse this weekend and part of next. Please pop by and say hello! Perhaps I can pick your brain a bit about your historic house; I am “on assignment,” as we say in the journalism biz, to write a little something about it and some other historic village buildings for the new Queensborough website. Cheers!

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