Do you suppose we need a tractor for the Manse?


The short answer to that question is no, of course. But because when I lived in the Manse as a child the back and side yards were filled with my dad’s tractor, front-end loader, various trailers and a truck or two – as those who knew him will tell you, he wasn’t your typical man of the cloth – it seems only natural to me that we should have a tractor. What would we use it for? Who knows? But surely we’d figure out something. This vintage red one, a Ferguson (i.e. from before Massey came along), has been sitting out front of a house on Highway 62 with a “for sale” sign on it for a while now. Aside from the oddly modified front wheels, I think it’s quite cute. And it would match Raymond’s red truck! What do you think, people?

4 thoughts on “Do you suppose we need a tractor for the Manse?

  1. Raymond: Remember, big boys need big toys! I think anATV would be of more use. There are zillions of miles of trails that you could cover on a summer weekend. Just think, matching helmets with racing stripes. Something like the “Braswick Racing Team” emblazened on both helmets and red truck!! North of Seven residents for sure…GnG

    • Oh my goodness, we laughed and laughed when we read this comment, GnG. His and hers ATVs, gracious! But you’re absolutely right, there are so many trails around our area that we could cover that way that would never be possible in a regular vehicle. Then again, I suppose we could always try walking them … but there are no toys involved in that!

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