The Manse as art


Our Queensborough friend Dave deLang, an excellent photographer, sent us this amazing picture he had made of the Manse one early morning (I think, judging by the light) not long ago. “A different look!” his brief accompanying note said. And then, some technical language that I confess I didn’t really understand: “Pastel rendered in Photoshop and Corel Painter.” Well, be that as it may, Raymond and I think Dave’s interpretation of the Manse is absolutely stunning, and before long there will be a signed-by-Dave framed print of it in our Montreal home. So that we can proudly show it off and say to people: “That is our Manse! In Queensborough.”

And those people will think (and they will be right): Okay, it’s a Manse, but it’s also art.

Which it is. Thanks to Dave, who made it so.

Thank you, Dave!

2 thoughts on “The Manse as art

  1. Lovely, Katherine & Raymond! Bravo Dave!… Does my heart good to see a tiny glimpse each one of your musings, of the little village so dear to my heart!!…

    • Lovely to hear that, Ruthanne. We are so lucky to have Dave in our community; he has such an appreciation for its beauty and history, and such talent at photographing it and thus showing it to the world.

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