We six, at the Manse: my favourite photo

The Sedgwick family in front of the Manse, when all the world was young (probably 1968 or so): my dad, The Rev. Wendell Sedgwick, my mum, Lorna, and us four kids, all two years apart in age – from left, me, Melanie, John, and Kenneth.

“All the world was young,” I wrote at the close of my very first post on this blog, the day Raymond and I became the owners of the Manse. The reference was to the sunny day in July 1964 when my dad and mum and their three kids – me, age 4, Melanie, age 2, and John, 4 months; Ken was not born until 1966 – pulled into the driveway of the Manse for the first time as Dad took up his first post as a United Church of Canada minister, serving the Queensborough Pastoral Charge.

All the world was young in July 1964, was it not? Just think of all that still lay ahead. Most of the main events of all our lives.

Anyway, the photo above is, I suppose, visual evidence of that era of youth, at least in my own family. This may well be the only photo in existence of all six of us together at the Manse. I do not know who took it; it may have been my grandfather (my mum’s dad), J.A.S. Keay, who was an inveterate photographer, but for some reason I don’t think this was one of his.

It is my favourite photo of my family, because we are all there, and the sun is shining, and we are at the Manse. And maybe because Dad’s hand (he had huge workman’s hands) is on my shoulder. And maybe also because my very first bike, a blue-and-white (or is that turquoise?) CCM, is parked on the front porch in the background.

It is a reminder of the happiness and innocence of childhood. When all the world was young. At the Manse.

Our Manse.

8 thoughts on “We six, at the Manse: my favourite photo

  1. Kathy: Do you not feel it? Your dad’s hand is still on your shoulder. You probably did ot know it but it was that big rough hand that guided you back to the manse all those years later.

  2. On a less poetic/spiritual note, you would be glad to know that a few weeks ago at the end of the summer, i fished that bike out from above the machine shed, pumped up the tires and Tom took it for a spin. The Rambler I believe it’s called. i think we all had ownership for a while.

    • Oh my goodness, I can’t believe the old turquoise CCM Rambler (you’re right, that’s what that model was called) is still extant! If Tom would like it for a permanent bike (though I am sure it doesn’t live up to kids’ current bike standards), I think he should have it. Otherwise, we shall have to devise some sort of appropriate afterlife for it. An adornment on the wooden wall of the summer kitchen at the Manse?

      • Wow, what a beautiful picture, Lu! Somehow I suspect my old CCM Rambler has a bit more rust on it than that bike does, but I suppose a coat or two of turquoise paint could work wonders!

      • Unfortunately, once his short-lived bike ride ended, Tom slapped said Rambler on top of his perma-fire. We poked it with sticks for a while but then gave up and let nature take its course. There wasn’t much heat in that sucker. Can you say ‘charred remains’?

        I’m KIDDING! Or am I? We all know Tom…

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