Hot-rod blast from the past


Raymond and I were at the Foodland supermarket in Madoc at the end of the afternoon today, the last stop on a busy day of errands (with some Queensborough historical research at the Tweed Heritage Centre on the side). I was stopped short in the parking lot when I saw this vintage Camaro, and I had to take a picture. Back when I was in my early teens at the Manse in Queensborough, several local “young lads” (the universally used term in our small universe) had Camaros or Trans Ams and used to spend endless hours charging up and down the roads – the road running in front of the Manse seemed to be a favourite – at top speed. Large amounts of fossil fuels were wasted, and careless small animals and young children were constantly in peril, but it was just part of the passing scene in Queensborough. It was fun to be reminded of that by this vintage model.

And then – get this! – as we were driving home to the Manse along Queensborough Road, the vintage Camaro showed up in the rear-view mirror. It was coming to Queensborough, where maybe it lives!

Is it making light of karma if I suggest that this was karma? (That is, “For every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first,” and so on). Well, anyway, for me today, that vintage blue Camaro in Queensborough was kind of a karmic moment.

4 thoughts on “Hot-rod blast from the past

  1. I’m with Mr. Cowling. I can TOTALLY see you and Raymond in that hot rod, driving around the Queensborough block. And around and around and around and around. And around again. Not that I ever witnessed anyone do that or anything…

    • No, of course I never saw that either. Not that time, or that time, or the time after that. But actually, in my memory it’s less about driving those hot-rods around and around the famous Queensborough block and more about bombing up and down what is now known as Bosley Road, the road right in front of the Manse. From the intersection by the Lalondes’ house and zooming at top speed up to Bobbie’s house or so and then back again. And back and forth. And back and forth. Fossil fuels (which probably cost about 16 cents a gallon) were clearly not a consideration.

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