Best cookie ever?

Longtime readers will know that Raymond and I are huge fans of the good things that come out of the Hidden Goldmine Bakery in Madoc, Ont. Hidden Goldmine is famous for its butter tarts, but we discovered the chocolate-chip cookies early on in our Hastings County experience and (speaking strictly for me) were utterly smitten: I have never tasted a better chocolate-chip cookie. (Sorry, Mum.) So when we’re in a place that sells Hidden Goldmine products – usually the flagship store itself, in the old Kincaid Bros. IGA store at the corner of Durham and Elgin Streets in the heart of downtown Madoc, but frequently also the Old Cheese Factory in Tweed – I go straight for those chocolate-chip cookies. Often, though (especially if it’s later in the day), they are all sold out. Very disappointing!

One time when that happened recently, I decided to try to overcome my disappointment with another cookie. There were a couple of packages of Cinnamon Sparkle cookies left, and I thought, well, what the heck. I wasn’t too optimistic, because molasses was on the list of ingredients, and I have never been fond of anything with molasses in it.

Well, was I ever in for a surprise. Raymond too. People, I have to tell you: these are the best cookies ever. Really. Better than chocolate chip! The molasses flavour is minimal, and it’s way more (though not too much) about cinnamon; what you get is just a delicious-tasting cookie with a delightfully slightly crunchy bit of sugar (the “sparkle” of the name) on top.

We have, sadly, eaten every one from our last purchase. We need to get back to Hidden Goldmine country for resupply. Of Cinnamon Sparkle cookies – and other things.

7 thoughts on “Best cookie ever?

  1. See, now you’re making sense. Best suggestion: take all that money you were gonna throw away on a dumb generator (which you DO NOT need unless you have critical medical equipment running) and buy a closet full of cinnamon sparkles. That way, when the power goes out, which it will – and soon – you’ll have something to eat so you don’t have to gnaw on your own arms. But you might anyway. Gnaw at yourself, that is. Cuz you’re gonna be hungry. Starving, in fact. And you can’t open the fridge when the power’s out. And it’s gonna get cold. Really cold. And dark. Horrifyingly dark. And are you really sure that there aren’t wolves in that basement? You’re gonna be so scared when the lights go out that you might lose bowel control. But you can’t use the facilities, remember. No water pump.

    On second thought, I’ll pitch in for a frigging generator.

  2. You know, I thought nothing could ever beat our old spice cookie recipe when it comes to cinnamony, gingery, molasses-y type cookies, but I picked up some ginger crackle cookies at the local United church harvest fair and MAN, were they awesome. OK, so they’re not cinnamon sparkles, but they were darned good. Now I’m on the hunt to track down whoever baked them so I wrestle the recipe out of them. And they had a nice sugar sparkle on them to boot!

  3. Best store bought cookie maybe.
    Go hang around with my sister Nancy. She makes one that her family has dubbed the meat cookie. Because it’s so good you’d swear it must have meat in it, although i’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

    • There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, Bruce, that Nancy bakes a cookie that is second to none. At least, if my experience with her dinner rolls and apple and cherry pie are anything to go by!

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