A newly cozy corner of the Manse

A happy little corner of the dining room: our newly installed electric fireplace, complete with Raymond! (Whose shirt, come to think of it, matches the cranberry-coloured fireplace.)

It is cold here in Montreal tonight, and it’s been cold for the last few days, and I do not like being cold. And tomorrow night we will be travelling to the Manse, and for sure it will be cold when we arrive, because we keep the heat low when we’re not there. Fortunately the house heats up pretty quickly when we turn up the thermostat, but for the first few minutes (and longer upstairs, which has only two heating vents) it will be chilly.

But on this visit, something recently arrived at the Manse will mean there’s a source of instant heat – barring the power being out, of course. (Insert comment on the need for a generator – or not – here.) A couple of visits ago, when I was scanning the flyers that come with the local papers, I noticed that Home Hardware had little electric fireplaces on special, and they even came in cranberry! (As you may have read elsewhere on this blog, red in all its forms is my favourite colour.) The store didn’t have any in stock, but we placed an order and by the time of our most recent visit it was there to be picked up and installed.

The same corner, looking rather bare and drear, before the fireplace arrived.

So now one corner of the Manse’s dining room – which once upon a time in my childhood housed a china cabinet with the cups and saucers and whatnot but has of late been looking very bare and rough, especially after I did some archeological excavation of the various layers of wallpaper – has a warm and happy flame and instant heat whenever we want.

Yes, it’s a fake flame. But it’ll do nicely until we get a wood stove. And no kindling or matches needed!

News you need: Thanks to my friend Elaine Kapusta, yesterday’s post about one of the biggest events ever to happen in Queensborough, the surprise wedding of storekeeper extraordinaire and pillar of the community Bobbie Sager, has a great new addition: a photo of Bobbie and her groom, Allan Ramsay, taken just after that long-ago ceremony at the Manse. Bobbie and Allan both look so happy! I urge you to take a look here.

2 thoughts on “A newly cozy corner of the Manse

  1. After seeing this fireplace, and seeing the record albums in a previous post, I am so looking forward to my first visit to the Manse!

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