Good stuff on a Friday night at the Manse


Lovely surprise tonight about 15 minutes after Raymond and I had arrived in Queensborough: our nephew Daniel Wisnicki (one of the four boys of my sister, Melanie, and her husband, Greg) dropped in en route from Ottawa, where he attends university, to his family’s place in Port Hope. Daniel and his twin brother, Emmet (who attends university in the other direction, in Toronto), were last here in late winter or very early spring 2012, and he was interested to see what we’d done since.

We failed miserably at getting Dan to stay for a late supper; he was very much bound for home. But he made encouraging comments about the Manse project, and very helpfully assisted Raymond in hauling a piece of furniture to its proper home upstairs.

The piece of furniture in question was positioned in the middle of the Manse’s dining room when we bought the house, and we used it as the dining table for some months, until we bought the current table at a great vintage store in Warkworth, Ont. Then the other one got parked in the downstairs hallway. And only fairly recently, when I was for some reason examining it closely, did I realize it’s not a table at all but a desk, a desk with two drawers below the main surface, two drawers whose handles looked awfully familiar and whose fountain-pen-ink stains inside even more so: this was the desk from the study, my father’s study back when I was a kid here; it is the desk where he did so much of his minister work. When I realized that, I could look into the empty, ink-stained drawers, and visualize the stuff he used to have in there.


Tonight Daniel and Raymond carried the heavy desk up the front stairs to the study. “I know exactly where it goes,” I told them. “Of course you do,” Daniel said, mocking me ever so gently and in the nicest possible way.

So the desk is back where Dad used to work at it. And one of the grandchildren of whom Dad was so fond and so proud helped put it there. And with the vintage desk lamp that we bought at a bazaar at our Montreal church last weekend on it – a lamp that came from the Windsor train station, something Montrealers will appreciate – it looks wonderful. The photo shows Daniel and Raymond and the lamp – and the desk. In Dad’s study.

Everything falling into place.

10 thoughts on “Good stuff on a Friday night at the Manse

  1. Woohoo! Finally another member in the voice of reason club…
    Although admittedly I’m also a charter member in Melanies “Heckle from the Sidelines” group
    “Didn’t have to keep it .
    Wouldn’t put you through it.
    You could have swept me from your life but you wouldn’t do it…”
    Sedaka has a lot to answer for..

  2. I’m missing something. How did we get on to Neil Sedaka? Did the heavy-handed blog master edit something I missed?

    • Nope, Bruce just got a little ahead if himself. Or behind, as the case may be. Responded to several blog posts all at once, I believe. And by the way it was Paul Anka who made us suffer through that insufferable song, not Neil Sedaka.

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Too much wine and too much song, Tubby. Wonder how Bruce gets along. Getting Sedaka and Anka mixed up? That is some serious F.U.S. Turns out the stars he could reach were just starfish on the beach. And the hills that he climbed were just seasons out of time.
      Does anyone have a tissue? It’s hard to die when all the birds are singing in the sky.
      Hey, by the way, that’s a super-duper square you have there, Fats. Here’s to you and your supreme square acquisition skills.

  3. I only put that quote in because this blog needed a comment from Melanie.
    Although actually I thought Sedaka and Anka were alter egos. Irregardless (as they say in Kingston) your money would be better spent on Fun Dip.

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