Visitors! And a great housewarming gift


It has been an extraordinarily busy weekend at the Manse – and a very pleasant one too. Today’s highlight was receiving visitors: Lindi Pierce – author of the awesome blog Ancestral Roofs, heritage activist, and friend (through shared interests that include Hastings County) whom until today I had only known through email – and her husband, Denis Curtis, who designs (and used to race) racing motorcycles (how cool is that?); and Raymond’s old friend and colleague (and my much more recent acquaintance) Peter Kuitenbrouwer, scholar and columnist, his wife, Mimi Maxwell (a graphic designer whose work includes, among many other things, the recently and gorgeously redesigned packaging for Hastings County’s own Stirling Butter [and how cool us THAT?]) and their kids Tallulah and Frits. In preparation, we (okay, Raymond; I was out doing errands) got the house as cleaned-up as an old renovation-in-progress (sort of) house can be, and then happily showed our visitors (lovely people all) around. We served tea, I forgot to put out the Hidden Goldmine Bakery cookies I had bought expressly for the occasion, and a good time was had by all. Afterward, Raymond remarked: “It was so nice to have the Manse full of people.” I kind of think that’s how a Manse should be, actually.

Anyway, to illustrate this post I took a photo of the brilliant gift Lindi brought me: two vintage mail-order catalogues, from long-gone and much-loved Simpson’s and its successor, also-gone Simpsons-Sears. One’s from 1958 and one’s from 1966, and needless to say they are both filled with mid-century memories. I have had more fun than a barrel of monkeys leafing through them. Lindi, you have got my number!

3 thoughts on “Visitors! And a great housewarming gift

  1. The manse has recaptured its ability to produce copious amounts of tea and extend warm welcomes to all who cross its threshold, under new management!
    Lovely meeting you, new old friends.

    • It was fantastic to meet you and Denis, Lindi. I look forward to many more conversations about lives lived and shared interests. And by the way, since we found the latest Hastings County Historical Society (of which we are proud members) newsletter (complete with photo of Denis) in our mailbox when we got home: do you happen to know which “ghost towns and pioneer villages in our backyard” will be featured on the society’s May 4 bus trip? Sounds like a fun event, though if it heads to Queensborough/Cooper/Eldorado, for instance, it will be well-charted territory for us.

      • I’m going to the regular meeting tomorrow night – will see what I can find out!

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