Question: where can we buy window shades?

This is a now-defunct window shade that was in the “boys’ bedroom” (the one my younger brothers used to share) in the Manse. I need to find a replacement, or actually two. But where? (Note totally gorgeous – I am being sarcastic here – “wood” panelling in the background. Panelling that, I never tire of saying, was installed to the delight of my family, because in the early 1970s it was just the ticket for “modern” design. Today that panelling is, to put it mildly, not so much the ticket. But replacement window shades surely would be.)

It struck me as neither odd nor anachronistic when I saw window shades on most of the Manse windows when we bought it. (By window shades, I mean the plasticky or vinyl-y white spring-loaded affairs that one pulls down all the way at night to keep people from seeing in, and then in the morning gives a sharp tug to so that the spring-loaded action comes into play and they whip up and let the daylight in.) Shades of the same type were on the windows in all the years I was growing up at the Manse, so their presence seemed quite normal.

It was only when, this past weekend, I got fed up with two shades in one of the bedrooms that weren’t working right – one was hanging crookedly, and the other one’s spring-loaded action had ceased to function, so that it wouldn’t roll either up or down – that I discovered they are a bit of a rarity any more. Well, duh – when was the last time I saw one anywhere other than the Manse?

As Raymond and I did errands at various places in Madoc and Tweed – places like Home Hardware stores – we asked whether they sold window shades. And were very politely told no, and the sales clerks invariably did their best to think of a place that might sell them, but came up blank. “It sounds like a Sears kind of thing,” one offered. And a couple of people told us that maybe we should try a furniture store in Tweed – but when I called them, they very politely told me that they didn’t know who sold window shades in this day and age. (This day and age, I might add, of “window treatments.” I think I’ll take old-fashioned window shades any time.)

So people, here is my question for you tonight – and this comes from someone who’s been so busy in the last couple of days that there has been no time for internet research on the subject. You are it: where do you think we could buy window shades?

12 thoughts on “Question: where can we buy window shades?

    • Thank you, Phyllis! Great suggestion! I am pretty sure that is the same place (quite amazing) that we finally found when we were searching for one of those lengths of balcony-wrap fabrics that everyone in Balconville, Montreal, seems to have but that are mysteriously difficult to find for sale. It’s a real find of a place and I appreciate you having jogged my memory. Cheers!

  1. Yes, Home Depot, Katherine. Rick and I bought a room-darkening shade at Home Depot. It’s a large window, so we just gave them the width from inside the frame!

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