The last word (for now) on window shades, courtesy of Miss Jeannie C. Riley

So yes, I’ve been writing about window shades (and my attempts to buy them in central Hastings County) for the last couple of days. And people have sent in terrific and thoughtful comments, and I apologize for not having had time yet to respond to all of them, but I will. (I blame church business. Once a minister’s daughter, always a minister’s daughter, and there is much church work to be done right at the moment.) Anyway, I could not possibly leave the subject without making mention of a song that was a colossal hit in my youth – 1968 (when I was eight years old), to be exact. It emanated from the country charts, made its way onto the pop charts, and basically was in everyone’s head whether we wanted it to be or not. Harper Valley P.T.A.: remember, all you who are of a certain age? “I want to tell you all a story ’bout a Harper Valley widowed wife…”

And where do the window shades come in? Well, those of you who (like me, much to my embarrassment) remember the lyrics, can fast forward to that part; it comes when Mrs. Johnson, the mother of the narrator/singer, is excoriating (or, in the lingo of the song and of late 1960s America, “socking it to”) the Harper Valley P.T.A. and says: “And shouldn’t Widow Jones be told to keep her window shades all pulled completely down?”

Oh dear. Anyway, here is Jeannie C. Riley singing her monster hit from a long, long time ago. Make of it what you will:

4 thoughts on “The last word (for now) on window shades, courtesy of Miss Jeannie C. Riley

  1. Oh my, the song in its entirely played through in my head (hoping it’s going to be only the once) as soon as I read the line about Widow Jones!
    Hope you find your blinds, and keep them open to lovely Q’boro.
    Church business, hmm…wondered why I hadn’t seen a new post, as I finished my last post-heritage meeting email about midnight 🙂 Bedtime stories, yes.

    • Indeed, I am kind of kicking myself for having brought that song to mind, because I’m having a hard time getting it out of my head. I was startled at how many of the lyrics I knew from memory – and what lyrics they were!

  2. Do you have the window measurements? I believe our Home Depot sells shades and you can pick them up when you are here for Thanksgiving next week.

    • Thank you for the kind offer, Eloise! But unfortunately we don’t have measurements. We will get this window-shade thing sorted out sooner (I hope) or later, but it’s probably going to have to wait till we’re back at the Manse. And that is just fine. The next little challenge.

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