Next year’s projects

The front garden, pretty much cleaned up for this year. Which is kind of sad, but come next spring it’ll be time to bring it back to life again.

So a couple of days ago I recounted the thrilling tale of the long-overdue disposal of the old burn barrel that we inherited when we bought the Manse. Today, in a kind of farewell to yardwork for this year, a look at next year’s projects. They are to clean up the overgrown area behind the cover of the old well:

To do the same with the leaves, wood and accumulated debris behind the garage:

And to wrestle to the ground the contents of a composter that was one of the things we inherited when we became the owners of the Manse. Lord knows what’s in there, and lord knows how I’m going to get it out. (I say “I” deliberately; somehow I just don’t think Raymond’s going to be part of this project.) I think this is probably going to be the least entertaining of next spring’s yardwork projects, but it will feel immensely satisfying when it’s done. That composter is bugging me.

Anyway, already I’m looking forward to spring and getting at it. Several people have made kind comments about how nice the Manse’s yard is looking under our stewardship, and that makes us quite proud. It can only get better!

3 thoughts on “Next year’s projects

  1. As a 5o year co-owner of an historic money pit, I pass on some advice; Raymond, be brave. My manager is now saying that our half-century kitchen cupboards need replacing! They look good to me.

  2. Perhaps the composter will disappear in the same manner as the burn barrel. Just purchase a tree to be planted in that exact spot!

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