Things Have Changed


Yes, you remember right: that’s the name of a Bob Dylan song. It won an Oscar, if I’m not mistaken, having been used in a Michael Douglas movie and whatnot. Anyway, things HAVE changed since the days when your change was given to you on a mat that a) made it easy to pick it up and b) advertised a lethal product, i.e. Export cigarettes. What a concept! (Not that Export cigarettes – did they ever have those in the States, American friends? – were any worse than any other brand, I suppose.) Those change mats used to be in every general store, every gas station, everywhere. So when I saw this one recently at an antique store in Madoc, I could not resist; what a blast from the past! But yes, things have changed: now not only would you never see this change mat in any store anywhere (in Canada at least), you also wouldn’t be able to even see the product it’s advertising (cigarettes); they’re behind closed doors now. Which I suppose is for the best, though it does reek of Big Brother knowing what is best. Anyway, nothing better for picking up your change than this Export Cigarettes mat, and I just happen to have one!

4 thoughts on “Things Have Changed

    • Ha – good point, Lindi. In the days when these change mats were used, it would have been quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies only, wouldn’t it? (And maybe even some half-dollars. Remember those?)

  1. Not only did we not have Export cigarettes, but I don’t think we had change mats, either, in the States. But you could easily verify that by asking my brother.

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