Queensborough from the air

Queensborough from the air: isn’t that nifty? Complete with pretty autumn colours. This photo comes thanks to Mark Kay and Jos Pronk, whose home/business is the large white building (formerly Bobbie [Sager] Ramsay’s general store) at top right of the photo. The Manse is at the far left, and you can even catch a glimpse of Raymond’s bright-red truck. The home of our neighbours Chuck and Ruth Steele (it was Chuck who alerted me to Mark Kay’s cool aerial photos) is the cream-coloured one with the green roof a bit to the right of the Manse. You can also (unfortunately) see the remains of the lovely old brick home that burned to the ground last spring in about the centre of the photo. (That mess needs to be cleaned up, and I don’t care who hears me say that.) (Photo from the Facebook page of Pronk Canada Inc.)

I love the way our friends in Queensborough keep us posted about what’s new even when we’re not there. This evening I was delighted to open my email and find a note from our friend and neighbour Chuck Steele letting me know that another friend and neighbour, Mark Kay Pronk, had posted some aerial photos of our little village on the Facebook page of Pronk Canada Inc., the business that she and her husband, Jos Pronk, run. (Jos is the guy who can do anything, absolutely anything, with metal – and who proved it by building a car, if you please, and an amazing one at that. You can read about it, and see photos, here.)

Mary Kay and Jos must have been up in a small plane over Queensborough sometime this fall, which would be a cool thing to do. The photos (you can see more here) are terrific and show off our little neck of the woods to great advantage.

It is such a nice neck of the woods! And seeing it from a different perspective only reminds us of that.

2 thoughts on “Queensborough from the air

  1. Note that you mentioned Pronk Canada and all the neat things that Jos can make. As a matter of interest, when we were sprucing up things at Hazzards Church for our 150th a few years back, Jos made the spire and ball on the top of the steeple of the church. He also made the entrance gate to the cemetery. We were so pleased to have it done locally. I’m sure that stainless steel spire will shine long after we have passed through those gates to join our ancestors.

    • It is fantastic to have someone in the community who can do work like that! I need to get a good photo of that sign on the Hazzard’s cemetery (I looked through my photos just now to see if I had one, but don’t) to show folks who aren’t familiar with it. We are, by the way, looking forward to attending the Hazzard’s Christmas service on Dec. 23, and I am sure we will see you there, Grant and Gayle!

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